dvt Consulting AG

Closer to the future

Company History

dvt Consulting was established by Jens Dittrich and Uwe von Thienen in 1999 with the aim to offer highly competent consultancy services independent of manufacturers. dvt has never entered into contractual relations with any manufacturer or supplier and thus kept its sound independence. Moreover, dvt has never used any external funds which is the only way to ensure that all of its decisions are taken objectively and without any third-party influence. Following the motto "Knowledge grows by sharing it", dvt Consulting has published various specialist books and series of articles. So besides its project work, dvt became quickly known as an internationally acknowledged and sought-after engineering office for the planning of data centres and IT infrastructures.


With the operative environment changing and its desire to continue to offer maximum transparency to its customers, dvt decided to change its corporate form to a public company or "Aktiengesellschaft" in 2001. Its consistent orientation towards practical solutions remained the basis for the company's strategic focus and success. dvt Consulting AG continued its organic growth due to its strict focus on market requirements.

Today dvt Consulting AG is the leading consultancy firm in Germany which, which more than any other, is thoroughly involved with the standardization of the infrastructure required for data networks and data centres. As a result of its standardization activities, dvt has chaired the standardization of the "Infrastructure of Data Centres" since 2003, thus holding a key position in today's data centre planning and playing a key role in developing practically-oriented standardization. Due to its activities in the bodies of DKE, CENELEC and ISO/IEC, dvt Consulting AG is in a position to actively represent customer interests with regard to standardization and to identify new trends and developments at an early stage so as to incorporate them into their own planning.

In 2007 dvt decided to move to larger, self-owned business premises since both the size of its business and the number of employees were constantly growing. The new office complex of dvt Consulting AG with its more than 800m2 of office and seminar space is located in Schmitten, north-west of Frankfurt, and offers ideal conditions to keep our company's project work on the road to success.