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Data Centre-/TGA-Planning

Data centre development is a continuing process, and the demands made on the performance and efficiency of the systems installed are increasingly growing. At the same time, 100% availability 24/7 is expected of data centres. Gone are the times when a data centre, or part of it, could be shut down for "maintenance services".

The dependence on this central information technology has grown enormously for many companies. This holds true not just for classic office communications, but often for central productiong systems as well. Data centre failure can easily threaten a company's existence as a whole

As a result of the quickly rising efficiency and safety demands in the last few years, the technical infrastructure of many data centres can no longer meet modern requirements. This situation is worsened by the fact that almost 70 % of all data centres are over ten years old. Furthermore, a dramatic transformation has occurred, with the 19”& based data centre taking the position of the classic mainframe computer.

In view of such framework conditions, many data centres have no choice but to adapt their technical infrastructure to the new requirements. One of the key criteria now is the energy efficiency of the units and systems, besides the mere technical realization and possible cost savings.

Planning a high-availability data centre is a most complex affair

Firstly, all trades pertaining to the data centre have to be wisely planned, perfectly aligned to each other and also be promptly implemented. Secondly, the customer’s individual and safety-relevant requirements must be taken into account. The well-founded consulting from dvt Consulting AG’s staff lays the basis to a successful implementation of the data centre project. Possible solutions are discussed before the best one is worked out, prepared and implemented during the next planning stages.

Of course dvt monitors all participating trades during the construction phase, making sure that the agreed solutions are fully implemented according to schedule. The project is normally completed by final inspection and approval tests and the instruction of the customer regarding all systems and procedures. Work for dvt, however, does not end when the project has been successfully implemented. dvt also supports its customers in preparing and implementing the corresponding emergency planning and test concepts required. Safe operation of a data centre can only be guaranteed under all circumstances, if full control of all units and systems is maintained even in critical situations.