dvt Consulting AG

Closer to the future


Jens Dittrich und Uwe von Thienen

In 1999, Jens Dittrich and Uwe von Thienen set up the company dvt Consulting AG. Prior to this, both men had been working for various firms as planning engineers and project managers for a number of years. Yet it was their joint passion for writing textbooks that brought them together. They soon realised that not only their way of working suited each other, but that they are able to collaborate successfully, even if pressed for time.

The driving force for setting up dvt Consulting AG was, however, the market itself. Due to the constantly rising cost pressure, companies today are forced to plan each investment carefully, to use it effectively and secure it for a long time. These objectives cannot be met if a business is dependent on specific third-party suppliers. Therefore dvt Consulting AG was established as a company that strives for the highest quality while maintaining utmost neutrality.

In order to meet these high quality demands, Uwe von Thienen and Jens Dittrich have never aimed at dvt growing fast, but have focused on the professional competence of their staff. Their decision proved to be right, especially in the years 2000 to 2003 when dvt made decisive inroads into the market, which was otherwise generally in decline.

In addition to the day-to-day running of their business, they participate for free in the work of various national and international standardisation bodies. This involvement is regarded as a fixed part of dvt Consulting AG’s concept of quality. “Working on these bodies gives us a significant head start over our competitors. Our company, as well as our customers, directly profit from the extra knowledge we gain“, adds Jens Dittrich, explaining this commitment.

As to the strategic orientation of dvt Consulting AG, neutrality, besides quality, is the second cornerstone of its concept. Both values need a stable foundation and therefore, the two entrepreneurs have never borrowed any capital. ”Only by remaining 100% independent can we ensure that our planning and consultancy services, and thus the successful completion of our projects, are free from the influence of any third party“, emphasises Uwe von Thienen, thus explaining the unique feature of dvt Consulting AG.